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Silver Distribution, Inc. is pleased to welcome our wholesale customers to newly designed Web Order Tool to make your shopping experience more efficient and convenient.
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Things you should know before entering online warehouse:

1 We guarantee authenticity and perfect condition of our merchandise. Every piece of jewelry has been manufactured out of .925 Sterling Silver. The best quality Polish Amber or semi precious stones are used as decorative components. All merchandise have been properly stamped. 2 Due to everyday updates we advise you to visit us rather frequently, at least on the weekly basis. New designs are added daily. If you not able to find the item you looking for please call our office at 718-386-4227 or e-mail us at sales@silverdistribution.com. 3 Prices may vary due to changes in Silver, Gemstones and Amber Market.
4 Merchandise listed on this website is offered for sale to retail resellers only.